What you may expect for the TYF season.

August 1st * Our season starts, practices are: Monday – Friday for 2 hours each day, Most coaches hold practice from 5:30 -7:30 pm. After the first game (Aug. 27th), practices change to three days a week. At the start of the season all teams will practice at Turlock High. We use this time to make sure all equipment is fitting right. Then the Bulldogs practice at Turlock high school and the Pride practices at Pitman high school.

August 20th * Round Robin, this is a fun day where each team will scrimmage 3-4 teams.

August 27th * Our first game. We have ten Saturday games scheduled. Our home games will be played at Joe Debely Stadium, on the corner of Colorado Ave., and E. Marshall St. We play teams from Los Banos, Merced, Atwater, Oakdale, and Modesto.

October 29th * Bud Bowl, this is our rivalry game between Pride and the Bulldogs

November 5th *1st Round Playoffs

November 12th * Championship games

November 19th * The Cen Cal Super Bowls.

*Each Player Needs to Get*

*Sports Physicals – ***Please note that TYF does not have a form for the physicals, all we need is a letter from the doctor stating “cleared to play sports” it must be dated 2022. *Sports Physicals are required before the player can start to practice.

*Practice Jersey – It is helpful to have their last name on it.

*Compression Girdle – Built-in pads, make sure you get the “football” one they must have Hip, Thigh, and Tailbone Pads… (We recommend getting the ones with knee pads as well, this is known as a 7 Pad Integrated Football Girdle)

*Cleats – It is recommended to get high tops to protect their ankles (no metal cleats) You should be wearing them during every practice.

*Game Socks – The head coach will let you know what color will be used for the season. For practice socks, just wear any color.

*Water Bottle – For practice (recommended 1/2 gallon or 64 ounces) *** You will need to bring your own water to all practices.

*** Please Note *** Things can change from time to time. Your Head Coach and Team Parent will keep you informed during the season of any changes. We will also update the website on a regular basis. Thank You!

If you need more information please click the link Frequently Ask Questions There is a lot of information on the website, please take a moment to browse the different section.

If you have any other questions please ask. You can Email us @ turlockyouthfootball@gmail.com You can also Call or Text 209-568-2238.

Click here to find weekly scores and standings during the season. TYF Schedule Scores and Standings

For all of the Cen Cal league Scores and Standings, go here, Cen Cal Youth Football League

Established in 1984, we are the original youth football program in Turlock.

Year after year we have maintained a strong following and have a long history of success serving the Turlock community. In 2015 we changed our names from the 49ers and Vikings to the Pride and Bulldogs.

We are a pure non-profit registered with the state of California. All board members and coaching staff positions are strictly volunteers and are not compensated in any way. The registration fee that you pay goes towards the children. We have 4 levels of play with age and weight limits, Varsity, Junior Varsity (JV), Peewee, and Rookie6-14 years old on Aug 1st (1st – 8th grade).

Though there is not an official youth program for either high school in Turlock, we have been sending many elite athletes to both high schools. Turlock Youth Football has some of the best quality youth coaches around, between the head coaches and coaching staff at all levels, there are over 100 years of combined youth experience. Over our rich history, TYF has won many of the NFC and AFC Championship and Super Bowl games, at all levels of play, many times with undefeated seasons. The program’s alumni have moved on to achieve success in high school, college, and professional programs across the nation. ALL board members and coaching staff are Live Scanned by the Dept. of Justice, and all have a certificate with the NFHS in concussion management. Many coaches also attend continued education classes to improve their coaching skills on a regular basis.

We are committed as the TYF Board and our coaching staff to focusing on teaching the proper fundamentals of football, teamwork, good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, unity, integrity, pride, and respect in our community. We believe if the game is taught well, and players adhere to the core values of effort, teamwork, and continuous improvement that winning takes care of itself. We take pride in our organization, our teammates, and our community and strive to represent them all with class and dignity.