July Sign ups

Tuesday, July 6th from 6-pm – 8pm
Come see us at Willie’s Pizza located @ 2050 E. Canal Dr., Turlock

* Ages 6-14    ( Note: the age you are on August 1st)

* Sign-up fee: $200.00 for your first child and $175.00 for each additional sibling. Varsity players only pay $150.00. Sign-up fees cover insurance and equipment for the season.

* New Players: Please bring a copy of the player’s birth certificate 

* J.V.& Varsity players need to bring a copy of their report card

* Sports physicals are due before starting Camp/Draft week. 


*** We will not be collecting any money until the season is confirmed. If you paid last year you still need to come and resign up as the registration cards will need to be updated for the 2021 season. 

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you soon and having another great season.


Turlock Youth Football is selling fireworks tickets, 50% of all sales go to TYF
Tickets are Redeemable only at the Kiwanis of Greater Turlock Fireworks Booth, located at 2090 E. Canal St. Turlock, next to Village Fresh Market
To purchase tickets and support TYF, Please text Coach Sousa: 209-485-3508

Mission Statement

     Turlock Youth Football (TYF) is a non-profit organization, serving the Turlock area,  giving children from the ages 6-14, (up to the 8th grade) a place  to learn the fundamentals of football in a competitive, fun, and safe environment where players can thrive and learn valuable life lessons as well as excel in the game of football.

     TYF was established in 1984. For many years TYF has been a successful part of the Cen-Cal Junior football league.

We were the 49ers and Vikings  

2015 we changed to Pride and Bulldogs 

     Though there is not an official youth program for either high school in Turlock, we are the original youth program for the community. Over our rich history, TYF has won many of the NFC and AFC Championship and Super Bowl games at all levels of play. The program’s alumni have moved on to achieve success in high school, college, and professional programs across the nation.

     We have 4 levels of play with age and weight restrictions, Varsity, Junior Varsity (JV), Peewee and Rookie.  (Please see “Rules and Regulations” for details) We provide each player with equipment that meets or exceeds all safety requirements.

     Our coaching staff and board members, even though unpaid volunteers, are experienced and passionate about the game of football. Some have over 25 years of experience in our program. We are all DOJ (Department of Justice) background checked and cleared. All coaches must complete the Concussion in Sports class and many coaches attend continued education classes to improve their coaching skills on a regular basis.

    We are committed to teaching the fundamentals of football, as well as developing individuals who possess strong core values like honor, courage, integrity, respect, pride, and ethics.  Producing not just well balanced athletes, but young people of exceptional character and proven leadership abilities. We are proud of our long tradition of football excellence.