Age and Weight Limits


Will consist of players 11-14 years of age. Players may not be older than 14 years
old by August 1st. Varsity players must not weight more than 220.9 pound playing weight. All
players in the 8th grade must play Varsity regardless of age and weight. No repeat 8th Graders or
High school players are allowed.

Players weighing under 200 pounds are unrestricted

Players weighting 200-220.9 will be designated X-Man


10-11 years old

Players weighing under 141 pounds or under are unrestricted

Players weighting 141-160.9 will be designated X-Man


7- 9 years old

Players weighing under 121 pounds are unrestricted

Players weighting 121-140.9 will be designated X-Man


6-7 years old

Maximum weight – 110.9 pounds

Note: To clarify age cut off date by August, 1st, Cen-Cal will use the players age that he/she is ON
August 1st.

Players who are designated as X-Men can ONLY lay from Tackle to Tackle on offense and
must be in a 3 point stance on the defensive line, X-Men may not be a running back, or Tight
End, or receive a pass on the “Tackle Eligible” play. On defense, X-Men cannot lay a standing
position such as linebacker or corner or safety. They too may not drop back from their 3 point
stance into a linebacker position. Example: In a 5-3 defense, X-Men cannot be stand up
defensive ends, but may be the nose tackle or interior tackles, in a 6-2, the interior 4 may be XMen but mustt be in a 3 point stance and cannot as well play the two defensive ends standing
up. And in 4-4, the front 4 may be X-Men but must remain in a 3 point stance and on the
defense must remain within the offensive tackle to tackle box
E. X-Men may not play on kickoff or kickoff return

You can find the complete set of rules here