Turlock Youth Football is a non-profit organization aimed at giving children from the ages 6-14 (until 8th grade) a chance to participate in a competitive and safe environment to play the game of football. We have 4 levels of play Varsity, JV, Peewee and Rookies and we provide each player with equipment that meets or exceeds all safety requirements required by IHSA standards.

Established in 1984, TYF has been the areas original youth program. For over 33 years we have been part on the Cen-Cal youth football league. Over the rich history of this well established league, TYF has won many of the Championship and Super Bowl games on all levels. The programs alumni have moved on to achieve success in high school, college, and professional program across the nation.

We were known as the 49ers       and Vikings   

2015 we changed the name to Pride    and Bulldogs   


Though there is not an official youth football program of the Turlock School District we are the original youth program of Turlock.

Our coaching staff and boards members have many years of experience, some having over 25 years. Even our Super Bowl Champion coaches attend continuing education classes to improve their skills. We are committed to the teaching of the fundamentals of football and the development of strong core values of Honor, Courage, Integrity, Respect, Pride and Ethics, producing not just strong athletes, but young people of exceptional character and proven leadership abilities. We are proud of our long tradition of football excellence…