Hello, parents and family of Turlock Youth Football. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you the rules and expectations for Stadium.

Joe Debely Football Stadium, please see below:

*No noisemakers of any kind

*No profanity, (this event is for children so keep it PG rating)

*No ice chest, except Head Coaches, Team Moms and Cheer Coaches

*No outside food or drinks of any kind

*No alcohol, tobacco products, smoking or vaping is allowed in the stadium

*No Sun Flower seeds

*No one is allowed on the field unless you have a Cen Cal badge

*No loud music except during the Cheerleader’s half time performance

*We do have the to right to look through your bags to see what you are bringing in and we have the right to tell you if it is not appropriate.

*Behave in a manner that is in accordance with TYF Codes of conduct

These are the Turlock Unified High School District rules, please remember it is a privilege and not a right for us to use Joe Debely Stadium so we ask that you all abide by these rules. We also ask that you please be respectful to the residents around the stadium, please do not litter. If the District gets too many complaints we will be banned from playing there. We know you want to let the kids know how proud you are of them and you want to cheer them on, we just need you all to cheer them on in other ways, be creative but please be respectful. We don’t want to eject parents or family members, but we will if we have to, and an ejection could be permanent and we really don’t want to do that. We also ask that you treat all our away games the same way, all the rules above will be enforced at all stadiums. Thank you for your cooperation.