Monday, July 25th is our first day of football camp, 5:30 – 7:30 at Turlock High School, behind the stadium. It is not too late to sign up

Just a few reminders:

  • All players MUST have a physical that is dated w/the 2022 year on it. No physical your player cannot be on the field.
  • All new players are to wear plain white t-shirts w/nothing on them, no names, no logos, just a PLAIN white t-shirt.
  • Wear comfortable basketball style shorts, no khaki or jeans.
  • Returning players wear your previous years jersey.
  • Cleats, wear cleats
  • If you have a sibling that plays already, you are automatically on that team, if big brother has an extra jersey by all means wear it.
  • Did I mention WATER, WATER, WATER?
  • Parents we ask that you stay at the field w/your player and if you are bringing siblings, please make sure you keep them and yourself, also hydrated.
  • If you have not finished paying for registration, please do so, you will not be able to receive uniforms unless registration is fully paid for.
  • We will have tables set up so you can come over and ask if you are not sure if you have paid everything or not.
  • If you are new, we will need a copy of your players birth certificate.
  • If you still have documents you need to turn in, please do so. Remember, if you have a JV or Varsity player you will need their most recent report card.
  • We ask that you get us these documents ASAP, we need them for our books, if we do not have them your player will not be able to play.
  • We ask that if you have questions for the coaches that you wait until after practice,

See you all tomorrow.

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  • Emmanuel Hinojos

    How do I get my son signed up ?

  • courtney kollmeyer

    Good afternoon,

    My son is 12 years old entering 7th grade at Turlock Junior High school. I have his physical, birth certificate, will I need a report card? I have not paid yet. He wants to come out today and try things out first if that’s ok before we fully commit, if that’s ok? we have some friends playing as well.

  • Summer Williams

    I am trying to find out when my child, Quentin Slater, will be beginning practice for Pitman Pride? He is 8 years old and has had his physical and we should be up to date on any payments necessary. Please contact me as soon as possible so we can assure his position on the team. Thank you.

  • Wil Mathews

    We are having our Camp/Draft week this week… bring your player out tomorrow to Turlock High, behind the stadium. We will be there starting at 530

  • Wil Mathews

    Come out tomorrow at 530 and talk to the ladies under the pop up, we would love to see you guys out there, I know space is filling up fast… Turlock High behind the stadium at 530 pm

  • Wil Mathews

    come out today. We will be be there at 530 -730… At Turlock High behind the football stadium… * A COPY of their birth certificate

    * Fill out a registration card, the player must sign their card.

    * Report Card – Current COPY of your child’s report card. This ONLY applies to JV and Varsity players. Cen Cal requires this to verify the player’s grade.

    * Sports Physical –

    TYF does not have a form. Have the doctor write on their Script or Office Letter “Cleared to play sports” dated with the current year on it.