GAMEDAY!!! Let’s do this Turlock Bulldogs and Pride…

Let’s have a great day out there…

Bulldogs vs the Bears @ home 1,3,5,7

Pride VS Thunder @ Atwater High 1,3,5,7

RULES TO REMEMBER:1. There is NO outside food, drink, or ice chests allowed at any CenCal event. (Badged Team Parent with team snack exempt) Although team ice chests will still be inspected.

2. All spectator bags are subject to inspection. (If you do not consent, You will not be allowed to enter) NO EXCEPTIONS!!

3. RULE ADDED LAST NIGHT ACROSS ALL CENCAL TEAMS – NO air horns, bullhorns, megaphones or replicated instruments with the intent to create extreme loud noises. Referee whistles can’t be heard on the field.

Due to disruptive, disrespectful, confrontational and verbally aggressive behaviors of a few fans toward volunteers and Referees at another CenCal team game last weekend CENCAL has issued a “NO TOLERANCE POLICY” warning to all teams at last nights league executive meeting. If ANYONE attending a CenCal activity breaks the above rules, becomes disruptive, verbally abusive and/or physically confrontational toward any coaches, volunteers, referees, and/or board members, they will be BANNED from all CenCal activities and their child will be suspended from participating. Parents you are responsible for family members who attend your child’s events.

PLEASE, we do not want your child to be punished for the actions of an adult relative. So make sure you inform everyone that comes to support your child to stay classy and follow the rules.

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