July Signups

I quick reminder that TYF will be having another signup,

Tuesday, July 6th from 6-pm – 8 pm
Come see us at Willie’s Pizza located @ 2050 E. Canal Dr., Turlock

 Ages 6-14    ( Note: the age you are on August 1st)

* Sign-up fee: $175 for your first child and $150 for each additional sibling. Varsity players only pay $150.00. Sign-up fees cover insurance and equipment for the season. 

* New Players: Please bring a copy of the player’s birth certificate 

* J.V.& Varsity players need to bring a copy of their report card

***** Sports physicals must be turned in before starting Camp/Draft week. please note that if your player does not have a physical turned in, they can not participate. ~ All physicals MUST be dated within 2021. There is no official TYF form, just get a note from your doctor on their letterhead or script saying “cleared to play sports”   *** TYF is setting up a time and date with a local doctor’s office for players to get a free physical, more information will follow very soon.

*** If you paid last year you still need to come and resign up as the registration cards will need to be updated for the 2021 season. 

************* Thank you. We look forward to seeing you soon and having another great season. ***********************

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